Friday, 14 October 2016

How To Make Stamp For An Eraser

Do you want to make a fun cool stamp? Well here is a fun idea that you can do almost anywhere!


1. Get an eraser, but not a pencil top eraser. Try a rectangular one.

2. Decide what shape you want. You may choose your initials, your name, or a picture.

3. Use a pencil to draw the design on the eraser. You can also use a pen, but be careful; when using a pen you can't erase.

4. Using a knife, carve out a shallow cut AROUND the design so that the design is raised. You could also cut INSIDE the design to make a stamper that has a non-colored design with ink around it.

5. Get ink and start stamping!


When doing any project, wear an old tee shirt, smock, or apron to help save your clothes from messy spills.

Use washable ink so if any DOES get on your clothes, it will come out.

Make sure that you press down hard or your design may not come off fully.

If you do not have ink or ink pads (available at most craft stores), you can color the raised design with a marker and then use the stamp.

Cover your workspace with scrap paper( not newsprint, as the ink may transfer).
Have fun!
Don't get any ink on your clothes!


If you cut a design too thin, the design of the eraser may break!

A brand new eraser is best because it is softer, but a harder, older eraser may crumble when you try to cut your design.

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How To Make Rubber Stamp For Letterboxing

Letterboxing is a type of treasure hunt/hiking activity involving hidden boxes, journals, and rubber stamps. Each person needs his or her own personal rubber stamp (called a signature stamp) to leave his mark on the letterbox's journal. In return you take an image of the box's stamp for your own journal. It's like treasure that is art and proof of your find. You can use these skills to create an artistic stamp for yourself and for when you are ready to hide a letterbox. Here are simple instructions for making a hand carved rubber stamp.


1. Purchase the materials at local craft chains. The rubber pad and the lino cutter tools may be found near the rubber stamping supplies but often they are found in the calligraphy or carving supplies. If you do not find them at your local craft store you may check in college book stores or there are sources online. You can also carve erasers. They are cheaper, but smaller.

2 Choose an image about the size of a business card or wallet size photo. For inspiration, use Google image search and choose black and white images. If you draw your own, draw a simple line drawing (think of what you see in children's coloring books).

3. Cover the back of your image with pencil.
Image titled Make a Rubber Stamp for Letterboxing Step

4. Trace it onto the rubber pad. Pen works well.

5. Use the pen to write directly onto the rubber.

6. Carefully carve your stamp using the tools. Start with small tools, and start in the tight areas. Remove the pink and leave the ink. Do not go too deep. Go straight down into the rubber, not at an angle. Make strokes that start near ink and move away from it. Let up pressure just before arriving at another ink mark. Remove tool and start from opposite side. When making curves, turn the pad, not the tool.

7. Leave the area around the image for last:

Remove the stamp with the knife-like tool. Leave rubber around the edges.

 7Bullet1. Once removed, clean the edges area around the stamp with the largest tool.

8. Ink your stamp and practice. Use your tools to carefully remove any unwanted or stray marks.

9. Mount your stamps on children's blocks with Gorilla glue or Craft Goop.

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